Our Guarantee

Our promise is to provide premium products with unmatched decoration and unbeatable customer service.

Our services

Design - We have the graphic design team to create modern, cutting edge, custom designs and logos to go on anything. From simple t-shirt designs to extensive branding guides, we have the solution.

ThermoFusion® - Our proprietary process that uses a synthetic material to produce a sharp, modern and vivid look to almost any garment. Similar techniques have grown in popularity and are now used by companies like Under Armour.

NEW** Full Colour ThermoFusion® - Our newest decoration method allows us to print in full color with unmatched accuracy and detail that cannot be compared to any other decoration technique. Full Colour ThermoFusion speeds up production which saves you both time and money. Not to mention, most professional teams in the NFL, NHL and NBA are all switching to this deocration method.

ThermoEmblem® - This proprietary innovation has changed embroidery forever! Using our proprietary heat - pressure - time process designs are fused into the fabric of the garment. The end result is the look of traditional embroidery with the benefit of sharper lines, brighter colours, less spoilage, faster production, a unique look and is cost effective. 

Screen Printing - Our screen printer is the best and largest printer in western Canada. They have been selected to to produce garments for teams like the B.C. Lions, Vancouver Whitecaps, LuLu Lemon and more.

Embroidery - We are privileged to have access to the largest embroidery house in western Canada. Their capacity has the ability to produce thousands of garments a day and have also been chosen to provide their services to the Vancouver Canuks and Moslon Canadian. 

Featured Decoration Technique

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