Branding Package

Weather you have a new team getting off the ground or an existing team that needs an update. Our certified in house graphic designers ensure your brand package encompasses your true mission. Our design creations are clean, modern and most important; custom made for you. 

We provide you with a full bodied branding package, which includes your new logo, approved colours, and proper uses for your logo. That way the intergrity of your logo is always upheld. 

One Time Design

Maybe you have an event, tournament or camp that you need a quick design for, but you want to make a lasting impression. No problem, you can work directly with our graphic designer to ensure every event is branded efficiently and professionaly.


Oh, you just want something easy? Our graphic designers are always coming up with new template designs that we can customize in a flash. We can change the wording and the colours to represent your team. We don't post these templates, you'll have to come in store to see them. Did we mention these are free? 

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