What is a Players Bench TeamSite?

The Players Bench TEAMSITE is a custom website page, made for your team, school or organization, complete with select products to be decorated with your teams logos and designs. We create, host, manage and fulfill all orders placed through the site. No more collecting and recording individual payments and orders!

All you need to do is choose your products and decoration. Then your students, staff, parents and fans can order your organizations awesome gear online, with no hassle. Request a quote today to get started!

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Timely Service

Websites typically run 7 to 14 days. Although, we let you decide. 

Upon launch, your Organization/Team Coordinator will be sent a comprehensive marketing package to get the word out.

Customers will receive their order 3-4 weeks after the site closes.



Products and decoration options are chosen to optimize quality, turnaround time, and pricing. 

Products typically include a hoodie, t-shirt, shorts, and/or sweat pants. (2 tops, 2 bottoms, per gender if needed). 

All products are decorated with your teams logos and designs. Atlhough, we sometimes add accessories that don't need to be decorated, but fit with your team colours. 


Our graphic designers have years of experience and can incorporate your design or logo into your store and products.

All you need to do is send us your logos or designs and we will upload them to the website for you. 

We can also help if you don't have a design or want a new one. 

We have ran TEAMSITES for Elementary, High Schools, Universities, Club Teams and Businesses.

Let us show you how easy ordering can be.

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