Customer Satisfaction

Your feedback is important to us. Players Bench Team Apparel is committed to continuously improving through internal and external audits. Your complete honestly is appreciated and critical for us to correct on past failures and build on successes!

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Sales Representatives are knowledgeable about products I wish to order.
Sales Representatives are punctual and organized.
The ordering system, receiving and approving quotes is easy and efficient.
I have received my apparel within the 3-4 week turnaround (excluding uniforms)
For a product that would not arrive within the 4 week turnaround, I was informed before the order was placed.
Online TeamShops are easy to use and are efficient.
The decoration on my apparel or products have been of exceptional quality.
The process from initial contact, to final compeltion of an order is effeicent and stress free.
Overall, my experience with Players Bench Team Apparel has been positive.
If you answered Strongly Disagree or Disagree for any of these questions please let us know how we can improve.

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